Monday, March 22, 2010

Canon 1D Mark iv Tests

This is the video that Corey Eisenstein and I shot for the Canon 1d Mark iv which should be coming out later this year. We did all night shoots and tested the low light capabilities of the camera. Here are our results.

Canon 1D Mark IV - Camera Tests - New York City at Night from Corey Eisenstein on Vimeo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Production Stills

Here are some shots from a couple of projects I've worked on recently.

These shots are from "The Zax" music video.

Directed by Jorge Valdez-Iga
Shot by Corey Eisenstein

These are from a web series entitled "The Guardian".

It was a kind of vigilante cop drama.

Directed by Jay Rodriguez

Monday, March 08, 2010


Life has been hectic, and going to Nicaragua for a month and a half certainly didn't make things any easier. The first week was spent with my family traveling. The subsequent weeks were just me and my sister, living in her site in the middle of nowhere and making weekend excursions. Here are some of the highlights of my trip.

A central part of the Nicaraguan experience is the meet-n-greet. This is where you drop into people's houses and get to know them, which often times means long periods of awkward silence. Above is when I met Don Chepe, who showed us his greenhouse full of tomato plants.

While in my sister's community of El Coyolito, I tried to help her meet new people. Here is a man who dubbed himself "El Pobre Viejo" or "the Poor Old Man." A true cowboy.

Entertainment is sparse in small Nica villages, so people love to go to a Sunday cock fight. Here two birds fly at each other as the kids look on.

This treehouse was my favorite place I slept in Nicaragua. Set in a cloud forest, this house perched atop a strangler fig was quiet and unexpectedly bug free. The fog in the morning made for a great wakeup.

Nicaragua's festivals are colorful and loud. Throngs of masked people take to the streets dressed as conquistadors.

It is no wonder why Nicaragua is called the Land of Volcanoes. Concepcion, one of two volcanoes that comprise the island of Ometepe, is a beautiful sight. This island is the largest lake island in the world and a true wonder.

As my sister and I climbed the other volcano that makes up Ometepe, Maderas, our guide paused and snatched a hummingbird out of the air. This was the high point of the trek. The low point was realizing that I had too much camera gear and having my legs cramp up horribly, almost causing me to turn back.

My trip ended on the gorgeous beaches of the Corn Islands. Wish I had had my scuba certification with me, because the waters were crystal clear and teeming with life. From the tranquil beaches back into the hectic New York life.